>Let the Sunshine in!

Today I will let some sunshine into my life by staying positive through the day!
I know that it is impossible to stay positive all the time, but today my words to others will
be kind, understanding and loving.
I need to feel good, and by helping others, I feel better.
1. Remember to help others whenever I can
2. Today, tell someone how good they look
3. Share something with someone!
Sometimes, I look through the window of my life and see some happy times and some
sad times. I try to think about the good, loving times with my friends and family.
I think about the times that I had someone to share the good and the bad times with, and
I am glad that today I have some special people to share my life with.
To me, healing means coming to terms with my past experiences and learning how
to love myself.
I am proud of myself. I can take care of myself
Today, I will do some good things for me!
1. Getting my hair done
2. Taking a warm bath with some aromatherapy
3. Helping a friend by listening to them
Promises Kept:
I promise that today I will let the sunshine into my life so that I can grow and learn
how to love myself.