>How to Recognize the Present Moment in Time

Wonders of Reflections

Get up early in the morning and try to go outside. Take a look at the sky and you may be able to look at some stars or the moon early in the morning.
Feel the air, the cold, and the breezes.
Realize that the world around you may be sleeping.
Remember that when you see the stars in the sky, you are looking back in time millions of years.
Then go and take a walk.
Attend to the moment-to -moment unfolding of the present. And be thankful today!
This is how you find your present moment.
I love to find my peace daily in life.
A place where l can smile for a moment and know that my life is good.

Taken in part from: Jabat-Zinn, J. (1994) Wherever you go, there you are:Mindfulness Meditations in Everyday Life. New York, NY. Hyperion