>Talk yourself out of the blues

>Everyone gets the blues from time to time, especially around the holidays.
Research has found that many people can learn how to talk themselves out of the blues!
When you are depressed, you tend to have distorted, negative thoughts such as ” No one cares about me anymore”
1.First ask your self this question: Is there evidence for this to be true- that absolutely – no one cares about me? Then talk yourself into doing some things that may help you to feel better such as-” In order to feel better, I need to start exercising more. In order to feel better, I need to spend some time with my friends – at least once a week.”
2. Turn into a Cobra: Many studies have found that yoga poses can lift one’s spirit. In Germany, a study with women who practiced yoga regularly reported better mental health, less anxiety and less depression.
3. Meditate with Sound:  To boost your energy level and your spirits, sound meditation helps. Choose any short word that has syllables and consonants in it like–ohm. Repeat it, focus on nothing but the word. Let the sound of the word vibrate your body. This really helps!!

Taken in part from: Loecher, S. & O’Donnell S. ( 1998) Women’s Choices in Natural Healing: Drug- Free Remedies from the World of Alternative Medicine. Emmaus, PA. Rodale Press