>Your emotions and your health

>Remember that deadly emotions can cause ill health.
There is research that acknowledges the connection between what you feel emotionally and what you feel physically, especially related to chronic diseases such as arthritis.
 Author Jordan Rubin in his book entitled: The Great Physician’s Rx for Arthritis focuses on how important staying positive and expressing negative emotions such as anger effectively.

 He believes that bottling up emotions such as anger, bitterness and resentment can be as deadly as eating a dozen glazed donuts!!

A poor diet and a negative attitude can affect not only your physical well- being but also your immune system which can raise inflammation in your joints – so don’t fall off the healthy food wagon if you want to feel your best.

Taken in part from: Rubin, J (2007). The Great Physician’s Rx for Arthritis. Nashville Tn.Thomas Nelson