>This is the time of year for your yearly checkup!

>You need to take care of yourself, and get your yearly checkups! For women- did you have your yearly mammogram, your pap smear, and your yearly physical.  For men and women- If you are over 50, have you had a colonoscopy yet?  For men- have you had your prostate check up?

If you have colon cancer in your family, you need to have a scope every 3 years.
Look at your calendar and see when the last time you have had a check up!
And remember: This is what the nurse told me in my MD’s office this morning: ” They don’t make a pill for stupid” and what he was talking about were all the bad habits that people have. If you do not stop smoking and lower your consumption of alcohol and fatty foods, you cannot take a pill that will cure you.!!
You need to clean up your act- and the New Year is a good time to do it.