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During the holidays it is so much fun to have cinnamon around the house. I love the smell, and it is very uplifting to the mood. I dilute some cinnamon with water and spray it around the house. It puts me in the right frame of mind for the holidays!

Here are a few rules about using oils for aroma therapy. For best results always dilute the oils before applying to the skin. Never take essential oils internally. Many can be toxic.

Some suggestions of what oils to start out on your way to learning about how essential oils can help you in many ways:

Basil: Nature’s Nerve Tonic. This oil, just 5 drops can help you stay calm. Suggestions include mixing it with 4 ounces of distilled water in a clean spray bottle, and spritz it on your skin for a refreshing pick-me-up.

Clary Sage: The mood elevator. This is a restorer  and mood enhancer.

Lavender: The insomniacs friend. Helps you to sleep! Aromatherapists believe that lavender has relaxing effects that can calm anxiety and help you to sleep. They also believe that lavender has painkilling properties, so use it for massage, inhalation or in your bath.

Sweet Orange: To lift your spirits try a few drops of sweet orange in a bath, or blend it with lavender.

Taken in part from: Loecher, S. , O’Donnell, S. ( 1998) Women’s Choices in Natural Healing: Drug- Free Remedies from the World of Alternate Medicine. Emmaus, PA. Rodale Press