>Depression and the winter months: Healthy Aging

Dr. Andrew Weil feels that thoughts, feelings and emotions can be a strong factor in healthy aging.
Most bad moods, sadness and even anxiety are rooted in habitual patterns of thoughts. There is some evidence that you can change this pattern.
Where to start?
Writing things down is a great starting point. Maybe taking up photography is your key! Or learning how to just sit everyday and meditate on life.
 Examples of what to write: Things that you are grateful for, goals and plans for the future.
Remember that depression is rooted in habitual thoughts of worthlessness, isolation and being out of control related to one’s anxiety.
And as you age, your ability to get out of these habits decreases! Therefore, find a way to enrich your life. Whether it is to go out and volunteer to help people in need, or finding a new hobby or developing a new skill.

Whatever it may be- just do it, and you will be healthier later in life.

Taken in part from: Weil, A. ( 2005). Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well Being. New York, NY. Anchor Books