>Experiencing healthy aging

>Dr. Andrew Weil  author of Healthy Aging loves to talk about how we should age gradually. He has some suggestions that may be useful.
We all know the obvious- stop smoking, eat better and exercise!

In the physical sense, we all need to look at a good diet, staying active and getting enough sleep.
In the emotional arena we need to focus on staying calm, ( yoga or meditating may help) getting rid of any anger you have stored up ( by talking about it and making the changes you need to solve the problems that may be the cause of your anger)
In the spiritual sense – finding awe! Where is your favorite place to be?  Do you seek out awesome places and  look at nature often? Maybe you should.
Keeping your Mind Sharp as a tack!
Other suggestions include keeping your mind sharp! What are you going to do to keep your memory? Do you take challenging classes? Do you have a difficult job that challenges your mind each day?
If not-maybe you should!!


Taken in part from: Weil, A. (2005). Healthy Aging: A lifelong guide to your well-being. New York, NY. Anchor Books