>Let go

>It is important to discover what you want and need, but then you have to let it go. Not give up on your hopes and dreams, but giving them up to a higher level.
A mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.
Sometimes we try too hard and get frustrated, and even depressed when we struggle with trying to get what we need. Remember that you can not always control what is going to happen in life. This is a challenge, because we want it now.
So let go, and continue to do good things for yourself and others. Keep your goal list of the things you want and need, but put it up to a higher power.
” Today, I will strive to let go of those wants and needs that are causing me frustration. I will enter them in my goal list, then struggle to let go.”
Taken in part from: Beattie, M (1990) The Language of Letting Go.New York, NY. Hazelden.