>Words of Comfort: How to stay at peace with yourself

>Patience: Having peace, an inner peace that focuses on waiting quietly and peacefully for the good things to happen in life
Vision: A vision that motivates you to take the next step toward healing. To be open to whatever is before you, to grow and admit that you need to make some changes. To be able to express your feelings, even the angry ones; knowing that they are valid and strong, and knowing that holding chronic anger inside of yourself can be toxic
Finding your path: Discovering your way; your path through life. Sometimes things are really clear while other times they may be distorted. During every moment in your life, you are moving through your path. Your path can be the way you interact with others, the way you listen
Generosity:Can you learn how to give yourself gifts? Can you accept yourself as you are? A deserving person who is confident in your abilities. Become a generous person , especially to yourself. Become enthusiastic and hopeful about yourself.

Reliance: Rely are yourself to make the changes that are difficult. By making the needed changes, your life can be different.