>It is the time of year for transitions to some new things.
I have changed the name of my blog to Healthy Living: Body-Mind Health. It is my new website: www.mind-bodyhealth.com. ( You can still use doris-healthyvegan.blogspot.com)

I am hoping that this may add some new followers who are perhaps not Vegan but take care of themselves. I believe that being without meat and dairy has helped me to be healthier in life, and it is my personal change that I have made in the past two years, but I do not believe that it is the only thing that keeps me healthy.
I exercise every day, I do not smoke, I drink alcohol only occassionally and I eat healthier. These are my personal changes that have made my life better!

Holistic Health has been around for thousands of years and I will try to focus some of my posts on Mind, Body, Intellectual and Spiritual Health.
We all need to change our ways!! And transitions and changes become some of our New Years Resolutions.
So begin to focus on some of the things that you would like to change about yourself!

Attitude and Emotions: HOPE can help
Do people who have a  a positive attitude along with a willingness to express their emotions live longer?
Are people who are more hopeful about themselves happier?
Hope, whether religious or spiritual seems to help people, especially during stressful times. Finding meaning to your life helps.
It seems that mind-body approaches such as meditation, visualization, hypnosis ( you can do self-hypnosis as a form of relaxation) and yoga have shown promise in helping prevent and treat a variety of illnesses including coronary heart disease, autoimmune disorders, chronic lung disease, headaches and gastrointestinal problems.
So get out there and try some of these mind-body techniques!
Here are some guidelines to follow:
1. Do what you can to prevent disease by eating a low-fat, high fiber, vegetable-rich diet.
2. Follow the guidelines for early detection of cancer that is suggested by the American Cancer Society: Especially for women- montly breast self-examinations, mammograms and regular Pap smears.
3. See your doctor if you notice a suspicious symptom such as a change in the size/color of a mole
4.  Do not abandon standard medical treatment in favor of a holistic or alternative treatment. Complementary medicine is helpful, but it needs to be  an adjunct to standard treatments.

Taken in part from: Goleman, D. ( 1993) Mind-Body Medicine: How to use your Mind for Better Health. New York, NY. Consumer Reports Books.