>Imagine the things you want!

>This is an exercise of creative visualization

First, think of something that you really would like to have.
For the first exercise think of something simple that you can easily attain.
Perhaps, an object that you can easily get – or an event that you would like to happen!
Next, relax your body in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
Begin to breath deeply and slowly from your belly.
Count slowly from 1-10 and feel yourself getting more and more relaxed as you count.
Now imagine yourself with the object, enjoying it, holding it, and showing your friends.
If it is a situation or event, imagine yourself there, and everything happening just as you would like it to.
Make the details real to you.
Have fun with this exercise, become a child who is day dreaming about what he wants for his birthday!!
Here is an example: Here I am spending a wonderful weekend in the mountains. What a beautiful vacation!!
Always end your visualization with a strong statement to yourself such as:
This is wonderful. I am totally satisfied with my life!
Taken in part from: Gawain, S. (1982) Creative Visualizations. San Rafeal, CA. Bantam Books