>Let’s Talk about Grains: Whole grains can reduce heart disease and regulate digestion!

>I put grains in everything these days. Below are  grains to put into your diet!

 I make a great veggie chili with Amaranth. All you need is a cup of cooked Amaranth, a can of tomato paste, a can of corn, some beans and your chili spices. Cook for about 20 minutes.
 The Amaranth thickens your chili up so that it tastes great.

Amaranth: has a peppery flavor/gluten free- and you can use it in other recipes such as muffins, pancakes, wheat breads
Barley: Lowers cholesterol as well as or even better than oats! Use it is stews, salads, chili, side dishes
Buckwheat:  Although this is a fruit related to the rhubarb, it is treated like a grain. Has high levels of an antioxidant called rutin. Improves circulation and removes the unhealthy cholesterol.
Bulgar: These wheat kernels can be boiled, dried and cracked. Very high in fiber. Use it in hot cereal, meatless burgers, salads and puddings
Corn: High levels of antioxidants. Also high in Niacin (cholesterol lowering) Look for whole-grain varieties instead of degerminated, which is not whole grain.  Popcorn, tortillas,corn bread.
Farro ( Emmer) ancient wheat eaten by the Roman Legions. Soak overnight for best results. Mix with greens and, used as a side dish.
Oats: to retain the wholeness of oats, buy steel-cut and thick cut rolled oats. Rich in cholesterol lowering beta-glucan, and an antioxidant that protects against unhealthy cholesterol. Cook it, add to cookies, breads, pancakes.
Taken in part from:  Steward, K. L. ( 2007). Eating Between the Lines. New York, NY. St. Martin’s Griffin