>Should I buy organic Foods?

>Although it is difficult to determine whether or not organic produce is more nutritious, certified organic produce should contain less pesticide residue.
The effects of long-term pesticide residue is inconclusive but you should try to minimize your exposure. You can identify the produce by the ” Certified Organic” label which verifies that the product was grown without pesticides.
Keep in mind that not all organically grown produce is pesticide free since airborne pesticides can drift onto organic produce from neighboring gardens.
Your local farmers at our farmers markets usually have less pesticide use than from the grocery store, so take advantage of the locals.

And always keep in mind that if organic produce is not available, the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables outweighs any risk from pesticides.
Taken in part from:Reichler, G. (1998). Active Wellness: Feel Good for Life. NY. Time Life Books.