>What is in the Mind of a Healthy Weight Person?

>The answer to effective weight management does not appear to be in how a person lost the weight- but how they maintain their weight!
People may need to develop lifestyle changes that include overall wellness in  mind, body and spirit.

A change is needed, not only in  how much you eat, but how you treat yourself physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually throughout your life.

There is a need to discover the connection between a person’s thoughts, feelings and actions. This can help to guide  a person toward effective ways to maintain a positive focus on both weight and body image difficulties.
Healthy Eating means taking pleasure in a variety of foods, enjoying low fat complex carbohydrates such as fruit and veggies, and taking control of your eating by listening to your hunger cues.

Active living means valuing and practicing activities that are fun!!
Participating for the joy of feeling your body move.
Enjoying  physical activities as part of your daily life.

Taken in part from: Berg, F.M. ( 1997) Afraid to Eat: Children and Teens in Weight Crisis (2nd ed.) Hettinger, ND: Healthy Weight Publishing Newwork