>Keeping a notebook

>This is a good time of year to keep a notebook of things that are important to you. Perhaps jotting down a profound saying that you just heard or some important inspirational affirmation that you just composed!
In the book Creative Visualizations by Shakti Gawain there is a chapter dedicated to keeping a creative visualization notebook.

There are many creative ways to use your notebook such as recording your dreams, keeping track of books and songs that may be meaningful to your life and even drawing pictures or writing poems that express your awareness!
Here are a few suggestions from Shakti Gawain:
1. Affirmations: Write down your favorite sayings. List them and read through them when you are feeling the need.
2. Overflow List: Make a list of the ways that you can overflow your energy to the world and people around you. Include ways that you can touch someone with your time, love and affection
3. Your success list: make of list of things you feel you have succeeded at. Include things in all areas of your life, not just work!
4. Appreciation List: This one is very important especially around the holidays. What are you thankful for? What do you appreciate having in your life?
5. Self-Esteem list: Make a list of all the things that you like about yourself. What are your positive qualities? The more you acknowledge yourself, the happier you will be!
6. Being Good to Myself List: Write down  nice things that you can do for yourself, things that are just for your own pleasure! They can be small or large, but make sure you can do them every day!!
7. Healing List: Write down the names of people that you know need healing or special support. Write down special affirmations for them. Every time you look through your notebook, you will be giving them a special burst of your energy!
8. Creative Ideas: Write down any ideas, plans or dreams for your future. Any creative ideas that come to you are important.
You may find it difficult to work on your notebook with all the busy lives we lead but find time to do it every day- and you will find that the time spent will enrich your life.

Photo by Doris
Taken in part from: Gawain, S ( 1982) Creative Visualizations.New York. Bantam Press