>Self-Basting Turkey

>It may be too late for some who have already cooked their turkey but if you have not- or you would like a quick way to cook turkey, try this.
All you need is a stick of butter ( or vegan butter) and 1 cup of chicken broth and cheese cloth. You can get cheese cloth in a hardware store (people use it to dust!)

Melt butter with spices that you enjoy on turkey such as Cayenne pepper, sage, basil or thyme and dip the cheese cloth in it.
Swish it around for a few minutes ( you might want to wait until it cools a bit to put the cheese cloth in)
After- place cheese cloth on the turkey, stuff the turkey with a 1/2 lemon, 1/2 orange and 1 small red onion- you don’t have to do another thing.
Just wait the recommended time for the turkey,
you can use the rest of the broth in the turkey pan to simmer ( and make gravy from it)
Happy Thanksgiving!

I usually do not post meat of any kind on my blog, but because it is Thanksgiving, I posted a turkey and stuffing recipe!
I did not eat any turkey!! I just cooked it for others. I believe that Thanksgiving is a time for sharing with others, and many people in my family love to eat turkey!!

 For my Thanksgiving  dinner, I also  made a tofu turkey for all my vegan friends and family.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!