>Stop All that Refined Sugar, and End your Sugar Blues

>This is a good time of year to think about your diet! Stopping all the sugar may help you stay in balance. If you look at the history of sugar, you will see that with the origin of refined sugar came the “modern diseases” such as diabetes.
There are consequences of keeping sugar in your diet.
There are physical ups and downs caused by sugar and the resulting mental imbalance includes depression, anxiety and irritability !!
All sugar gets turned into glucose in our bodies, but natural sugar is better for you. So stick to the fruits and veggies for your sugar!
Good alternatives for white sugar and other refined sugars include honey, agave and maple syrup in small amounts.
A fine substitute for chocolate is carob.
The carob pod grows on tall tress and has been known for thousands of years. It is tasty and nutritional, and can be eaten whole or ground to flour and used as a sweetener for cereal, milkshakes or baking.
Carob is 6 percent protein and 60 percent carbohydrate and contains  calcium, phosphorus and some iron. It can also be used in digestive upset and as a mild laxative.
 If you kick the sugar habit- the cravings do go away!

Taken in part from: Haas, E. (2003) Staying Healthy with the Seasons. San Rafael, CA. Random House