>It’s Spirit Time

>This is the season to let your spirit soar!

 Try to be nice to people when you know it may take some effort.
 During the holiday season many people are stressed.
It is supposed to be a time of love and caring.
A time to spend with family and friends!
Let’s try our best to make it a wonderful holiday filled with love.
Here is some positive reminders:
Love should be given freely
Go after your goals
Emotions are OK
Try letting go of things
Make yourself proud
Be yourself
Through making changes we grow
Remember that you cannot control other people’s actions
Balancing yourself can feel difficult
Show people your love
Share with others
Express yourself
Be patient
Look at what you fear
Healthy love feels good
Live your own life
Taken in part from: Mc Kee, M. ( 1987) Thirty- Two Elephant Reminders: A Book of Healthy Rules. Deerfield Beach, Florida. Health Communications, Inc.