>A Happy Change Diary

>It may seem like a waste of time to some pessimists, but developing a change diary may help a person to create more positive self-talk and more positive moments in life.

Listen to your self-talk as you try to make positive changes in your life.
Acknowledge the negative- and change it into a more positive scenario.

A happy change diary can help you to be more proactive and positive!
Whether you are trying to lose weight, practicing stress reduction, developing an exercise program or just trying to become more optimistic about life, writing it  down in a diary can help you.
List some of the bad habits that you want to work on and discover the emotional feelings that come up when you struggle with these habits.
What are the feelings attached to these habits? Take weight loss for example: How do you feel about not being able to lose weight?
Anxious,  guilty, weary, enraged?
Can you change them to more positive feelings? Capable, cheerful, confident, tranquil.

Other feelings that are centered in a physical sense can also impede your progress, especially related to a weight loss goal. When you talk about your weight, do you feel: stressed, tense, ugly, tired, sick of it?
Can you change these feelings to? Attractive, beautiful fit, relaxed, vigorous?

Try this exercise in a change diary, and see how it works!

Taken in part from: Reichler, G. (1998). Active Wellness: Feel Good for Life. New York.NY. Time Life Books