>Staying Healthy in Stressful Times

>With the holidays approaching, you may need to take a look at some of the things that may be stressing you out!
Author Gayle Reichler believes that that are many types of stress that we may need to deal with in our daily lives. She calls them the 5 types of personal stress.
1. Physical Stressors: Things that cause you physical pain. Examples include chronic pain or sudden illness
2. Emotional Stressors: These include significant life events such as a divorce, death, loss of one’s job.
3. Intellectual Stressors: Common short term stress such as giving a speech or taking an exam. It is also intellectually stressful when you are not using your mind to its fullest such as in retirement or underemployment.
4. Social Stressors: This type of stress can occur when you feel pressured by a certain group such as your family, coworkers or friends to conform to their standards, beliefs or values.
5. Spiritual Stressors: Any serious challenge to one’s personal, spiritual, religious beliefs or morals  can bring on personal stress.
What can we do?
 Some suggestions include: 
Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst!
Focusing on the good when things are going well
Believe  that your are in control of your own destiny
Choose your fights carefully, and determine what is worth stressing about!
Taken in part for : Reichler, G. ( 1998). Active Wellness: Feel Good for Life. New York, NY. Time Life Books