>The Changes needed to stay at a healthy weight

>There are so many theories around that promote weight loss, but the bottom line – you have to exercise off the calories that you eat, or you will gain weight. Any trainer will tell you: ” Calories in, and calories out.”
Author Frances Berg has an approach that may be helpful to look at. First of all, we have to stop dieting.
Dieting: means restrictive eating, counting calories,  and weight cycling ( yo-yo dieting) which can lead to eating disorders. She feels that we need to begin with Vitality- or active living and healthy eating.
Healthy Eating: means taking pleasure in eating a variety of foods, enjoying low-fat complex carbohydrates more often ( such as fruit), and taking control of your eating by listening to your hunger cues.
Active Living: means valuing and practicing activities that are moderate and fun ( What do you like to do that is active?) Participate in activities for the joy of doing it! Enjoy physical activities as part of your daily life.
Positive Body Image: means accepting and recognizing that healthy bodies come in all  ranges of weight, shapes and sizes.  It also means appreciating your strengths and abilities. Begin to love your body and question the messages from advertiser on TV that portray people as unrealistically thin.

Text taken in part from: Berg, F. (1997). Afraid to Eat: Children and Teens in Weight Crisis. ( 2nd ed.) Hettinger, ND. Healthy Weight Publishing Network.