>How you feel emotionally is how you feel physically

>It is true that you need to exercise your emotions as you do your body. When you exercise physically, you feel better immediately. Exercising your emotions may be more difficult. But if  you are bottling up emotions such as anger or bitterness, these deadly emotions can produce toxins similar to eating a box of glazed donuts!
There is a proverb that states: ” What you are eating is not nearly as important as what’s eating you.” If you are having health problems such as arthritis, weight control or other inflammatory disorders, deadly emotions can dwindle your reserves of energy and strength, especially if you are dealing with depression or anger.
On the flip side, positive emotions such as love, laughter, acceptance is the best medicine!
Norman Cousins, author of the best selling Anatomy of an Illness wrote about his discovery that 10 minutes of solid belly laughter can give you 2 hours of pain free- sleep. So no matter what your difficulties, laughter can help. Keep on the positive side of life!

Taken in part from: Rubin, J. (2007). The Great Physician’s Rx for Arthritis. Nashville, TN. Thomas Nelson