>Healing is holistic

>If you want to feel in balance, you may need to look at yourself in a holistic way. The mind, body, intellect and spirit all need to be balanced to give your life some focus.

This is also true with staying in balance with your nutritional needs:
1. Eat moderately: Eating too much at one meal can cause poor digestion
2. Eat simple foods: Mixing too many different foods can be stressful on your digestive system
3. Eat early: The majority of your meals should be before dark: Eating too close to sleep can lead to poor use of food and poor sleep
4. Eat naturally: Eating foods that are natural as possible. The more processing of a food, the less vitality
5. Eat seasonally: Eat according to the seasons. Foods that are available in your locale. If possible, grow some of your own foods.
Taken in part from: Haas, E. (2003) Staying Healthy with the Seasons. San Rafeal, CA. Random House