>Minimizing the Effects of Arthritis

>There are many theories on what helps for arthritis. The research tells us that as we age, we have a greater chances of having some form of arthritis.
Jordan Rubin in his book entitled: The Great Physician’s Rx for Arthritis states that there are some key alternative methods which can help such as Acupressure and Acupuncture for pain but the bottom line is that there are factors which lead up to arthritis: Being overweight, the aging process, joint injury, stress on the joints from certain jobs, especially repetitive tasks and sports injuries. Some of the suggestions the author supplies in his book is to eat healthier; natural whole foods, condition your body with regular exercise, reduce toxins in your environment and avoid deadly emotions.
Having arthritis requires you to have a positive attitude!
Diet can be very important to keeping the inflammation of artritis down.  You need to eliminate processed foods, white sugar, red meat, yeast and conventional pasteurized and homogenized milk and dairy products. This sounds very difficult, but there are alternative such as soy or almond milk, tofu and ” soy cheese” products.

Following an anti-infammatory diet can also help you to lose weight and with that, you will be tending to your arthritis with less weight on you bones.
The acupressure techniqes can help by touching and massaging the tender joints along with learning energy acupressure tapping techniques to sooth the joint pain.
Rubin, J. (  2007). The Great Physician’s Rx for Arthiritis. Nashville, TN Thomas Nelson