Since we are  now moving toward the winter months, we need to think about controlling our weight! It seems harder in the winter to keep weight maintained. Some of us are less active in the winter months and we may begin to crave carbohydrates which can lead toward extra pounds.

Is it true that every time a person restricts food from their diet ( such as chocolate) there is a tendency to eventually binge on that food?
There is some evidence that your body will automatically binge in direct proportion to how much and how long you restrict the food that they love to eat!
So, begin to eat the foods you love, with purpose, slowly and mindfully so that you have control. Eating a small amount of your craved foods will satisfy and balance your brain chemistry, and may even increase your serotonin levels.
Timing is important:
Eating craved foods at the right time of day can help break the binge cycle. You should eat your craved foods in small amounts, early in the day, between 10am-4pm. When you eat these craved foods during the day, the evening binges can be prevented. To help maintain your weight you should avoid eating certain foods such as carbohydrates and fats late at night. Timing is important. People who eat late at night gain weight and food is being digested while sleeping which can also disturb your rest.

Taken in part from: Northrup, C. (1998). Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing. New York. Bantam Books