>Why you should eat soup

>Here is a weight loss strategy.  Eat soup.  We have long regarded a cup of soup as a simple way to warm up on cold days. There is research by John Foreyt, PhD who suggest that eating soup is a way of making dieting easier. In his study, he found that members of the soup group lost  more weight during the study than those who did not.  Weight loss among the soup group corresponded to the amount of soup a person eats.
A year after the study, the researchers found that members of the standard diet group had gained about 2.5 pounds while the soup eaters only one.
For you new soup eaters, the study recommended as a general rule, clear soups, vegetable soups ( not soups rich in cream or meat fats)
So eat some soup!
A simple recipe: Bake some squash ( use 2 different types such as acorn/ butter nut) blend in the blender with some almond milk ( instead of cream). Cook for a few minutes and then add a cooked large potato that is mashed for some texture and add spices that you like such as cinnamon for a hearty Autumn lunch.

Taken in part from: Hausman, P., Hurley, J. (1989) The Healing Foods: The Ultimate Authority on the Curative Power of Nutrition.New York. Dell Publishers