>Wellness through Acupressure

>There are many different types of wellness programs that include acupressure techniques. Acupressure, if combined with deep breathing, daily exercise and a healthy diet can play a significant role in overall wellness.
Deep breathing
Deep breathing exercises are the most gentle and effective method known for purifying and revitalizing the body.  If your breathing is shallow, your body will not function at its optimal level.
When you breath deeply, the oxygen can rejuvenate the body.
Daily Exercise
Gentle stretches such as those done in yoga poses help to keep your muscles and joints flexible. Aerobic exercise such as swimming, brisk walking, running or bicycling stimulates the body through deep breathing and sweating.
Exercise naturally regulates your body and can balance your entire system.
When we eat processed food, we weaken our system. There are foods that we can eat to strengthen our system:
Healthy foods                                           Unhealthy foods
Vegetables                                                  processed foods with sugar
Whole grains                                              white flour products
nuts    ( in moderation)                               fried foods
seeds                                                            dairy products (eat less)
Beans                                                           red meat                                   
tofu                                                               chemical additives
Fresh fruit 
tea                                                                coffee,  including decaf (drink less)

The 5 minute acupressure wellness exercise
1. Briskly rub your lower back. Place the backs of your hands against your lower back along the sides of your spine and rub briskly for  one minute, creating warmth from the friction
2. Hold the base of your skull and  place your middle finger of either hand on your third eye. This is the acupressure point between your eyebrows.  Breath deeply, close your eyes and and exhale all of your tension
3. Now sit back comfortably in your chair and press the acupressure point just below your belly button with 1 finger from each hand. Close your eyes, breath deeply, keep your spine straight and relax your shoulders for 1 minute.
Press these potent points whenever you have some time, and feel the relaxation response.

Taken in part from: Gach-Reed, M. (1990) Acupressure Potent Points: A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments. New York. Bantam Books.