>How to Stay Well and Put Balance into your Life

>The concept of overall wellness is addressed in ” The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model” by Dr.  Bill Hettler in 1976: Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical, Social and Occupational.

1.  TheEmotional Dimension is recognizing awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs that may lead a person to become more positive and enthusiastic about developing a healthy life goal.
2. The Occupational Dimension may help a person to shape their values and beliefs especially as it relates to volunteering or being successful, passionate and satisfied with a career path.
3. The Social Dimension of wellness can incorporate mutuality and self-help for the common welfare of the community.
4. The Intellectual Dimension can help a person to learn how to share knowledge and skills with others who may need help.
5.The Physical Dimension can remind a person how important it is to learn about diet, exercise and nutrition.
6. The Spiritual Dimension can help an individual to ponder on what is really important in the quest toward overall wellness.

Taken in part from: Hettler, B. (1976). The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model. National Wellness Institute. 1-2. Retrieved from http://www.NationalWellness.org