>Your Path Toward Wellness and Health


1. Find your special purpose in life. What is it that brings you passion and the need to pursue?
2. Take responsibility of yourself and your health. Look at your special needs related to your body, mind and spirit. What you put into your body affects your health. Try to eat better so that your mind and spirit are balanced. Eating badly, smoking, and drinking is not a way to honor your body. Think good thoughts about the way you look. Look in the mirror and find some positive moments!
3.Take is slow, but eliminate those bad habits, replacing them with good ones such as exercising, learning a new skill, passing on a talent you have to others, volunteering and giving special meaning to someones life
4. Learn some new philosophy such as mind-body techniques which can help you to feel more centered and balanced.
5. Learn to relax and reduce your stress: Find a special place to relax that is free of distractions such as TV/Computer. My special place is my meditative walk that I do almost every day, even in bad weather. I walk and meditate on how beautiful our world is with the splendor of a beautiful red rose or the openness of our universe at night.
6. Breathing: Learn to relax and de-stress each day by intentionally slowing down your breathing and not thinking about anything. This is a mindful way to reduce stress. When a thought comes to your mind, whether it is good or bad, dismiss it and move on.