>What too much sugar can do: High Glycemic Foods


Everyone has heard about the good and bad carbs. We all know that we should stay away from our friendly, loving, nurturing comfort foods such as chocolate, sugar, candy, white bread, white rice and white potatoes. They have even told us- don’t eat anything white!
There is a reason for this, we need to find out about the glycemic levels of foods if we want to stay healthy.
There has been an increase in diabetes, ( even in people who are not overweight), because many people may not be eating quality foods.
The simple sugars such as cane sugar, honey, maple syrup  can cause a fast raise in blood sugar- and a later crash of fatigue- causing a rush for another donut to make you feel better again, but if you had an apple instead of a donut, its slow glycemic index would keep you feeling energized for a longer time, believe it or not!
A low glycemic healthy way of eating can help prevent against many diseases. A low glycemic diet has great potential for treating and preventing chronic diseases. These carbs that I am talking about are in our fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and tubers.

Here are some examples of low glycemic index foods: ( the sugar in these foods breaks down into glucose very slowly)
Spinach                            15-50               Zucchini       15-50
Turnip greens                                         Asparagus
Lettuce                                                    Artichokes
Water Cress                                            Okra
Cabbage                                                  Celery
Cucumbers                                              Dill Pickles
Radishes                                                  Broccoli
Brussels sprouts                                        Eggplant
Onions                                                     Tomatoes

30-50                                       30-50
Cauliflower                                              Bell peppers
Green peas                                                Squash
Heart of Palm

Barley: Pearled barley cooked  35
Barley kernel bread                   64
Barley flour bread                      94
Whole meal barley porridge       95
Buckwheat bread (50%  de-husked/50% white)  66
Buckwheat, cooked                                            75
yellow                                                                  78
corn tortillas                                                         78
cornmeal                                                               95
taco shells                                                              97
Millet, boiled                                                         99
oat bran (45% oat bran with 50% white wheat flour)      66
Oatmeal (thick, de-hulled oat flakes)                               77
Oat bread (80% oat kernels 20% white wheat flour)       91

Wild rice                                81-85
rice cakes
Rice noodles

Whole kernels                        48
Rye kernel bread (80% kernels/20% white wheat flour) 70
Spaghetti, whole meal            52
Whole wheat bread                100
Gluten-free                             129
whole meal spelt bread             88
Multi-grain bread                      60

Grapefruit                                  35                Strawberries     56
Apples                                        53                Oranges            59
Prunes                                         41                Pineapples          83
Pears                                            53               Kiwi                  74
Plums                                           55               Bananas             77
Grapes                                          64               Raisins               90
Cantaloupe                                   91
Watermelon                                 100

Starchy Vegetables

Yams 52              Carrots          66                 Potatoes (boiled and peeled)  81           Beets  64

Soybeans cooked   25              Lentils (red)            36              Garbanzo beans  39  Lentils (green) 42
Kidney beans         39              Split peas (yellow) 45              Soy milk              50

yogurt low fat, plain 20  whole milk  39  skim milk 46  yogurt low fat with fruit  47

Homey  77
White sugar 95
A food is generally considered high in Glycemic index if it is above 60
People with problems maintaining their blood sugar levels should restrict their foods to only those with GI of 40 or less
Taken in part from: Bell, SJ, Sears, B. Low-Glycemic-Load diets: Impact on obesity and chronic diseases. Crit Rev food Sci Nutr. 2003; 43(4): 357-77