>Choosing to Exercise

>Many kinds of exercise exists. Choosing the best form depends upon your individual health, personal needs and enjoyment!
 If you Enjoy the activity that you choose  you will probably do it more often.
Some people benefit from joining a fitness club because they feel encouraged by others.
Some like the solitary activities to meditate and have some alone time. Time to ponder on the thoughts of the day or just to relax and de-stress!

The following are some questions to ask yourself: What do I like to do? Do I enjoy the outdoors? If so, what activity? Walking, biking, swimming?
Maybe you need a home program because you like to exercise alone. Do you like to ride a bike or run on  a treadmill?
These are some questions you need to answer before you begin.
I know that when I first began to exercise more frequently, I looked at a lot of activities until I found the one or two that I really like the best. I even tried differnt programs at the gym that I attend such as dance class, aerobics, yoga, spinning and boot camp! My favorite activity is bike riding outdoors- but in the winter it is not possible in Buffalo! So I get my cleats on my boots and go walking in the snow in the winter! It is a very good exercise.