>The Pleasure of Weight Loss and Maintenance

>Believe it or not- after some time, it becomes easier to maintain the weight you have lost. A study concluded that it also become pleasureable to stay on a healthy diet. Most people report that they enjoy eating healthier. They feel better.
Some of the weight lost strategies that they used to lose and keep it off:
1. Keeping healthy foods in the hours
2. Decreasing meals in restaurants
3. Weighing self on a regular basis
4. Buying health-related books or magazines
5.Keeping records of food intake/exercise
6.Keeping very few high-fat foods in the house and keeping low-fat foods

Taken in part from: Klem, M.L., Wing, R. R., McGuire, M.T. and Hill, J.O. (2000). Does Weight Loss Maintenance Become Easier Over Time? Obesity Research. 8. 438-444. doi 10.1038/oby.2000.54