>The Desire to lose a few pounds

>Would you like to lose a few pounds? Then take responsibility of your eating. You may need to critically think about what your are eating.
Everyone has heard of keeping a journal of your food intake- but have you thought about keeping track of your emotional eating?
Develop a thought, feeling and behavior log. Along with the food you are eating (or over-eating) write about how you are feeling during your meal times.
Start with a new beginning by eliminating salt, fatty foods, avoiding sugar, coffee and caffeinated beverages, and then changing from refined or processed foods to eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, drinking herbal teas and exercising.
If this is incorporated into your life, weight and health will become stable. This philosophy considers the whole person who needs to develop healthy habits that promote a healthy weight.
The first step may be to believe that there are no quick fixes. It may be necessary to do a multitude of positive and healthy activities in order to stay in balance. Overall wellness becomes a continuum that includes holistic modalities which help with healing.
Taken in part from:Haas,E.M. (2003) Staying Healthy with the Seasons. (21st Century Ed.) San Fafeal, CA. Celestial Arts