>Fruits and vegetables in your diet

>Fruits and vegetables are our body’s natural cleansers. They keep our body clean and light! You need to find your own optimal diet, but a very good beginning is to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
Seven tips from Elson Haas on good eating:
1. Eat only when you are hungry
2. Take a moment before you eat  to relax and breathe deeply, preparing yourself for nournishment
3.  Eat slowly and chew well
4. Eat only what you need
5. After eating try to relax and the do some light movements such as walking to help digest your food
6. Do not eat for 2 hours before bedtime
7. Eat a balanced diet
It would be great if we could do all 7 of these tips– I have trouble with number 6!
Taken in part from: Haas, E.M. Staying Healthy with the Seasons.New York. Celestial Arts