Autumn is the time of year for work and play. We begin to make the changes we need to move toward the winter months. The first day of autumn is September 22nd and it is called the equinox when the night’s darkness finally equals the length of the day. After this, the nights become longer than the days, until the winter solstice, the longest night, not until December 21st.

Our health and wellness is important during this time because with the new season of Autumn and the upcoming Winter season, we may need to watch our weight carefully in order to not gain weight over the long winter season! The good news is there are a lot of veggies such as squash and sweet potatoes that are low in calories and make delicious soups to warm ourselves.
We may need to exercise more and create balance in our lives that may include quiet breathing and relaxation to start our days in a more balanced state.

Taken in part from: Haas, Elson, M. (2003). Staying Healthy with the Seasons. 21st Century Ed. New York.Celestial Arts.