>Can Eating a Plant Based Diet Keep you Healthy and Slim? Take the 3 Week Challenge!

>Dr. Neal Barnard believes that there are foods that can cause you to stay healthy, and they also have the added benefit of aiding in losing weight.
He believes that if you just try it for 3 weeks, you will not only feel better; more energized and alive- you will also lose weight.
Everyone knows that diets don’t work, mainly because you restrict yourself from so many things with their portion controls that when you go off the diet- you binge, gaining it all back.
If you make a lifestyle change that includes exercise and a plant based diet, you will lose weight very slowly, and keep it off because you are only eating healthy foods.
There are restrictions of course, but they are healthy ones:
1. No meats of any kind (if you cannot do this one, at least eliminate red meat from your diet)
2. No dairy
3. No deep fried foods ( this includes french fries)
4. Low fat- for weight control, we need to be concerned about all forms of fat.  Remember that Carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram and so do proteins, but all fats are equal (even the good ones like canola or olive oil, they are 9 cal per gram.)
5. Do not eat anything white: white rice, white bread, potato chips etc. Eat brown rice and whole grain breads
6. You should also avoid refined sugars of any type/alcohol
What to eat?
1. Lots of fruit and veggie/bean meals (look at my recipes)
2. Grains: whole grain breads and cereals are best/ beans and differnt types of brown rice- try beans in small amounts to see which agree with you!
3. Soy  protein and legumes such as lentils/ split peas ( some soy burgers such as morningstar/ Boca if you crave some meat in your diet)
4. Never skip any meals– this is the fatal flaw of any healthy change
5. Soy or other powdered shakes made with different legumes such as peas for in between meals. There are many protein shakes out there that are very good for you.
6. Other snack foods: Popcorn ( unbuttered of course) is a very good choice.
The benefit of exercise: You need to exercise every day. I believe that a person should exercise as many times as they eat each day!!
 Find some kind of exercise or activity that you truly enjoy and do it often!!

In your Quest for Health follow Dr. Bernard’s 20 Foods You Can Eat In Virtually Unlimited Portions
Lettuce (all varieties)
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Extra Tips on Fats
Food                                    Percentage of Fat%

Potato                                          less than  1%
Peas                                                             3%
Black bean                                                   4%
Macaroni noodles                                        4%
Vegetarian baked beans                               4%
Rice                                             less than   5%

Cauliflower                                                  6%
Spinach                                                        7%
Broccoli                                                       8%
Wheat Bread                                                15%
2% milk                                                       35%
Whole Milk                                                 49%
Soy Milk                                                      5%
Lean ground beef                                        54%
Ground Beef                                                60%
If you decide that you like a plant based diet, remember that when you do not eat meat, you may need a supplement of Vitamin B12 daily. The government recommendations related to dietary supplements on B12 is  2.4 mcg day for both men and women. To read more about supplements you may need look on the web at the National Institite of Health: NIH Office of Dietary Supplements.

Taken in Part from the book by Barnard, Neal ( 1999) Foods that Cause you to Lose Weight: The Negative Calorie Effect New York, NY.,Avon Books