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Fighting the urge to take everything personally.Loving my life as it is with its ups and downs.Keeping my shoulders back ...

Time to Change

Time to change?Life flashes by quickly as if a thunderstorm is approaching, and then moves along with some rumble. "It ...

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Yoga Capri Pants
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Leather Statement Clutch
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Yoga Capri Pants
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Your Yin Ways

The Practice of Yin Yoga I have been practicing yoga for many years and recently began studying  a yin style which is holding in the poses for a longer time than yang yoga which is more of ...

Your Usual Pattern of Reacting to Stress

It is not how stressful something is, it is how you react to it. The way you react to stressful times in your life is very important not only to your mental and emotional well-being, but it ...

Your Tapestry of Life

When you think about it, your life is like a tapestry with many colors, directions, good and not so good living. Finding your way may be difficult at times because you want so many things in life ...