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For your health and wellness

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Apples, oranges, bananas and cantaloupe, the perfect health foods

You are what you eat, and in the colder months make sure you get your Vitamins.

A very simple way to lift your mood and give you a boost for the day is to eat fruit.

Remember to eat some fruit each day

Remember to eat some fruit each day

I love to make a large fruit bowl to keep in the refrigerator so that when I need something sweet, I try an apple first to give me the soluble and insoluble fiber for my day. The inside (soluble) and the outside of an apple ( insoluble) really do give you the fiber you need for the day. It is a fact that eating fiberĀ  keeps you fuller on those days when you are craving some simple carbs like potato chips; try an orange instead.

An Apple a day changes everything!

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Like a butterfiy, we evolve and change in many ways to become beautiful. You can make the needed changes in your life to be healthier in mind, body and spirit.



There are so many sayings about good health. Are they true? I believe they are.

For example, I believe in the benefits of apple eating! It is the perfect fruit, packed with vitamins and minerals, along with its fiberous juicy and crunchy pulp!

Another saying: ” You are what you eat.”