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Special Ways

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 Are you feeling like your life has come full circle?

Circling back to right now

Circling back to right now

That feeling of repeating the same things over and over can be painful at times but it must be completed in order for growth to occur. But sometimes there is no pain in trying out new things in life or practicing some of your old ways that may help you to grow. Experience is what gives you the edge.
As a child my practice time on the piano was boring. Over and over again, the same song until I got it just right without mistakes made.

In the middle

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I overhead a person talking about his competitive nature

In the middle of the race in life

In the middle of the race in life


He was a bicycle racer dressed in his gear waiting to begin the race. Red, white and blue he wore as he spoke with gleaming blue eyes, ” I don’t really want to win. Winning is not important. I want to be somewhere in the middle; not number one and not last!” he said with a smile.

And life is full of important moments that you will remember the rest of your life. Whether you win, lose or find yourself somewhere in the middle, your perspective is all that matters.

Confident and Healing Ways

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Reach for the sky because you know that you have been down at the bottom of things. And being at the bottom is good too because you have to start again; knowing that up is the only place to go!

Look up and catch the beauty

Look up and catch the beauty

Lift others with you

Lift others up because you can be a strong support when a friend needs you, and a helper who builds confidence in others and yourself.

Your confidence grows stronger each day as you practice this spirit-like flow of energy that circles around you and releases a healing and positive energy to others.

Strong and Steady

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When things fall apart in life, can you put them back together?

Broken barns

Broken barns

Sometimes broken objects can be fixed without any detection and other times you need to throw it away or save it in its broken state.
Every day I walk by some barns down my street. There are some homes in disrepair and others that are strong and sturdy.

Broken Barns

The funny thing about barns is that they can stay up broken, swaying in the wind, and no one seems to wonder why. Someone once told me that they have a center post that keeps the balance in a not so study structure. Just like we have a heart center that can be strong with evenness at our center; keeping us strong in mind, body and spirit.


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Calmness in mind, body and spirit

Stay calm, even when it is difficult.

There are times in your life when you need to just be with your breath; centered and calm; in harmony with yourself.


Learn how to breathe; it helps to instill calmness.

Breathe in and breathe out slower and slower, deeper and deeper, using a noisy breath to keep you in focus on your breath.

Yoga poses and staying in the asana for more that a few moments can be very meditative.