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Tiny White Bells

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Springtime Bells

In the yard at the lake house we had tiny white bell flowers on the side of the house.

Mom and I would pick them for the table because they had such as sweet, honeysuckle smell that we both enjoyed, brightening up our day with the scent of a sweetness in the air.

And the bells ring so softly flowing through the air

The flowers we picked had bells perfectly formed like you could ring them and hear their beauty. Bells have become a part of my present moments in my yoga practice along with  ringing bells to call upon mom when I need her near.

Wintery days and sunshine are all the same

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all?

Having it all is seeing snow on tree braches looking like puffs of cotton

Having it all is seeing snow on tree braches looking like puffs of cotton



Everything you ever wanted in life is before your eyes.
You do have it.

Visualize your dreams; allowing them to surface so that you can take a good look at what you need right now in this moment.

You may not see it right now because it is clouded with some drama that is happening to you or some bad news that you just received, but it is there, your world with the sunshine, loving people and harmonious living.

Beautiful life

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Beautiful Thimbles

My mom thought that thimbles were beautiful, and had a collection of wooden ones that she displayed on a hutch in her dining room. I found one today as I was going through some things to give to the Good Will. I like giving to this charity because they put so many people to work. I strongly believe that working saved my life, and the lives of others who find pleasure in working hard.

The greatest work of my life is my children, and I find myself back to that spot in life myself as my children grow up and I now have grandchildren. The work of helping others never ends.

Passing this way again

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When you pass this way, say hello

When you think about it, this may be the last day that you pass along your particular path. Do not fear death or dying because we all move down that way some day. It feels good not knowing when that particular day will come to you, and you might do more meaningful things with your life if you knew how long you had on this earth.

Play in blissful ways

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Playing in the bliss of life

Playing in the bliss of life

As you age you may begin to see that you do not have as much stamina as your earlier years and you have to push a little harder to stay in shape, sit up straight and move your body.

Self-improvements and your playful times
But don’t give up on self-improvements, especially those that keep you happy and alive. There are also playful things to do that bring out the young in heart.

Your playful moments