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Passing through to spirit

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We traveled to  Pennsylvania one hot long summer day to see my husband’s uncle. He and his wife lived on a farm in an area of Pennsylvania that was rural and full of beautiful landscapes and old relics, including themselves. I was with my husband and his brother who believed that their dad’s brother would not be with us much longer, so we traveled from New York to Pennsylvania on one of the hottest days of the summer.

There was so much for me to see and I brought my camera to guide me through the beauty of the land; taking pictures to take back and cherish.

For your health and wellness

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Apples, oranges, bananas and cantaloupe, the perfect health foods

You are what you eat, and in the colder months make sure you get your Vitamins.

A very simple way to lift your mood and give you a boost for the day is to eat fruit.

Remember to eat some fruit each day

Remember to eat some fruit each day

I love to make a large fruit bowl to keep in the refrigerator so that when I need something sweet, I try an apple first to give me the soluble and insoluble fiber for my day. The inside (soluble) and the outside of an apple ( insoluble) really do give you the fiber you need for the day. It is a fact that eating fiber  keeps you fuller on those days when you are craving some simple carbs like potato chips; try an orange instead.

Some New Positive Changes

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Fill your calendar with some positive changes this year. Make your list, checking it off twice, and hang it near you to see each day. Find yourself today; that person that you used to be with the smile on your face and the warm hugs you always give to others. You are there underneath some of the sadness or unhappiness you are feeling right now; you can motivate yourself to begin a positive path.

Think of your favorite positive person; that uncle or aunt who always had a smile on their face, or a mentor who helped you with their positive ways. Open your heart, putting into action healing and optimistic ways.


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I decided that it is time to help other people, and my New Year’s resolution is to become that person who is there for those who need me. And from now on  I will find things to do that are helpful, kind and enriching to those on my path.

Before I die I want to help others; brining positive energy to everyone I meet

Before I die I want to help others; brining positive energy to everyone I meet

Today I was speaking to a girl named Jamie who had  a slight memory of her grandmother, but it was so clear, she could see her Easy Bake Oven and how she baked a cake for her grandma just before she passed away. It was the last gift to grandma but it was so significant that she still remembers it many year later.

My Story

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There are so many versions to individual stories, and they do change throughout the years.

As time passes, the stories of antique goods become more and more distorted

As time passes, think of a good time to cherish

Those good parts and not so good parts of your past and present are here waiting for you to carry on with strength, resiliency and hope for a better story tomorrow.
Today my story is of kindness; wanting the best to happen in my day but hoping that a medium day would be okay too.
That medium place where it is not too good or not too bad is the place to be sometimes because you may have to work at it to stay there, but not as hard as a perfect day!