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Confident and Healing Ways

May 20th, 2015 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »

Reach for the sky because you know that you have been down at the bottom of things. And being at the bottom is good too because you have to start again; knowing that up is the only place to go!

Look up and catch the beauty

Look up and catch the beauty

Lift others with you

Lift others up because you can be a strong support when a friend needs you, and a helper who builds confidence in others and yourself.

Your confidence grows stronger each day as you practice this spirit-like flow of energy that circles around you and releases a healing and positive energy to others.

Staying in the present

Apr 27th, 2015 Posted in A Spiritual Path, Being More Positive | no comment »


Just a tree?

Just a tree?

And then focus on the right now.
The longer you stay focused on what will happen in the future or the bad things that are happening now or in  the past, the more you stay unhappy, confused and fearful.

Take a look at what is right before your eyes such as the texture of a tree with its swaying branches and rough texture; shading you from the sun and posing for you any time you need to see the beauty of nature.