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Horses seem to dance and bounce their way along the path

Horses  dance and bounce their way along the path



What helps you to feel better when you are down?
What helps to settle you down when you are angry?
Listen to the birds, walk that mile and simmer yourself to an even, balanced person so that things in life become meaningful events one after another.


Always dance and bounce to the music, tapping your foot with a smile.
Always move, even if it is just for a few moments to walk down the block.
Sing a song of discontent or sing a song of love; making all songs good for the heart.
Love everyone you meet; giving them peace with a handshake or hug.

Teary Times

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Let it be good to cry

It is an emotional component that you have that really helps you to calm, center and bring self-love into your vision.

Allow brightness to shine through, and see the sunshine

Allow brightness to shine through, and see the sunshine

Begin to develop a way about you that allows for tears to be good. Tears are a way for the body to shed some of the bad things and it may be an energizing experience if you cry in good times too.
Crying brings about an emotional component to your being that feels good to your mind, body and sprit. And if you are lucky enough to have a friend who does not mind your tears then you can purge as often as you need to.


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Tears are needed at times to clear everything from your system

And tears are there for the good times and the bad times; helping you to get back to your center in life.

It is a cleansing mechanism that your body has to clear out the toxins and wastes.

It seems like a medical way of talking about tears, and some people believe that you should hold back tears and not let anything bother you.

I find that just the opposite is true; I  need to talk about good and bad things in life; and the perfect things that happen bring about tears. Examples include the birth of a child. How can something so perfect happen to human beings?


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There will be many times in your life when you are sad. And it may be for good reasons such as a loss of a parent or friend. Stay with the sadness and feel its deep pain but do not linger too long because you may need to help others get through their grief too. As I grow old, I begin to wonder when it will be my turn to go.

Getting older means that you start to see more and more of people around you passing along into spirit. walk my way Do not fear the passing of someone special in your life; you too will pass the same way down the path of spirituality.