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Keeping your bones healthy

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Women  staying strong and healthy as they age

Take a walk to keep you bones strong throughout your life

Take a walk to keep you bones strong throughout your life

There is much evidence on how you need to keep your bones healthy as you age.  And Linda Sparrowe and Patricia Walden in their book  Yoga for healthy bones speak on the importance of diet and healthy bones.

As you age, especially after menopause, women begin to lose calcium from their bodies because of lifestyle choices; not participating in weight bearing exercising such as walking, and because of what they eat.
Research continues to mount on the fact that women who are vegetarian lose far less bone mass in their later years than women who eat animal-derived protein.

Your Usual Pattern of Reacting to Stress

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The old and the new. Remember telephone booths?

The old and the new. Remember telephone booths?



It is not how stressful something is, it is how you react to it.

The way you react to stressful times in your life is very important not only to your mental and emotional well-being, but it can also contribute to your physical wellness, including the aging process and even whether you will come down with any chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.
The good news?
You can change your odds.
Dr. Andrew Weil, author of Healthy Aging agrees that you are as healthy as your stress level. If you cannot handle stress, you better learn how to.

How to Keep your Mind Healthy

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Take a ride on a boat. It will help with your stress. Just being by water can decrease your stress and anxiety!

Many of us think that it is important to keep our physical being well. We diet and exercise, cut out the fat and even count calories (some of us!).How come we don’t take as much care of our mental self? Well, I have had a lot of experience in mental health and here are a few tips on how to keep the anxiety down, the stress at bay and the depression a thing of the past! Sounds like a large task, and it is.