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Soft Sounds

Apr 29th, 2015 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »

In the springtime as nature moves toward summer and warmer months we are surrounded by soft sounds of love

Sunny budding flowers coming your way

Sunny budding flowers coming your way

Awakened today to the sound of a woodpecker tapping not so gently on a tree branch in the woods, I realized that the sun was already shining and l needed to quickly get dressed as to not miss a moment of the sounds of nature.
You see, we had such a terrible winter that it seems that we have to continue our search of every single moment that we have to soak in the sun, listening to the summer moving in.

Living well

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Making changes

I find that springtime is the best time to make changes. It is so very natural for you to make changes as you see nature doing the same. Nature unfolds from the dreary colors of winter into the beauty of yellows, bright greens and soft blues. The sky even seems to brighten up as spring approaches with clear days and sunshine.

The earth’s natural changes in the spring may motivate you to wake up and with clarity in your soul, moving you toward brighter days where you can go outdoors more;  breathing in the colors of life.

Tiny White Bells

Dec 7th, 2014 Posted in Healing Ways | no comment »

Springtime Bells

In the yard at the lake house we had tiny white bell flowers on the side of the house.

Mom and I would pick them for the table because they had such as sweet, honeysuckle smell that we both enjoyed, brightening up our day with the scent of a sweetness in the air.

And the bells ring so softly flowing through the air

The flowers we picked had bells perfectly formed like you could ring them and hear their beauty. Bells have become a part of my present moments in my yoga practice along with  ringing bells to call upon mom when I need her near.

Green Gazing

Jun 20th, 2013 Posted in Mental Wellness | no comment »

Do you really want to help yourself with your health and wellness?

Root yourself in some new pleasures!

Stay rooted and grounded in your experiences!

Stay rooted and grounded in your experiences!




Try some green gazing!
I know exactly when I am on overload, and in need of a meditative walk, but today, I could not believe my eyes! Everything is so green this year. Due to some extra rain, everything is so beautiful.

Spring Is In The Air

Feb 26th, 2013 Posted in Accepting Change, Body-Mind Medicine | no comment »
It is still winter, but spring is in the air.

It is still winter, but spring is in the air.



I believe that in a few short weeks spring will be here, the days will get longer and I will be able to get out more often and begin to have fun in the warmer weather.

It is a long winter~ and with it, you might be experiencing some cabin fever.  Dr. Elson Haas in his book, Staying Healthy With the Seasons speaks on how the different seasons bring about changes.

Hopefully, you are up to a few changes in your life.