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Soul Sweetness

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Kicking your feet to the beat of a nice tune

Kicking your feet to the beat of a nice tune


When I think about you the vision of a harmonica comes to mind; seeing you play those blues tunes that linger in my heart center; tapping your foot and smiling. Those days are past now but the visions sweeten my soul.










Broken Toys

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Powerful times

Powerful times


When Sasha was a child she always brought her broken toys to her mother for fixing, “I know it may be too late to fix this dolly but mom, can you please try?”


Mom seemed to have the magic touch; stitching the colorful blue eye back into place on the cloth doll that had many years of wear. Sasha would be amazed at her mom’s ability to fix just about anything.


And when Sasha grew up she still came to mom for fixing; finding that mom was able to help fix just about anything in life by listening to Sasha’s problems.

Soul Embrace

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Angels embracing

Angels embracing


It is time to embrace your soul.

You know that place deep inside that calls out to you every so often; telling you to move on, let go and smile.






Your soul tells you things you may not want to hear such as “Find yourself in places of the heart where everything is soft and balanced.” And you say, “I cannot find myself, I am too busy to find time to embrace my soul.”
Then you hear this voice again, telling you softly, “We are one; allow for happiness and joy to come into our life.”
You know that you should be kind to yourself and let your spirit rise.


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Where are you?

Where are you?


“I am here for you now because you were always there for me,” said Gloria in a soft whispering voice that rang clear in Dee’s heart. Gloria was always there, even in spirit, rising above she watches and loves everyone she touches.



“It is about me right now,” said Dee in a concerned voice, remembering the past and trying not to think too much about the future. “What would Gloria do if she were here with me?”
Decision-making seems tough in the younger years but as you age the difficulties continue on you way through life.
Be like the a stream, following the path of least resistance in a comfortable way riding past everything in life.


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Climbing the steps toward believing

Climbing the steps toward believing

Sometimes when the weather pattern changes and we have warmer weather in the winter, it is much different than when we are in the middle of summer with a colder day.
During winter months even the expectation of a warm day can bring people outdoors from everywhere. They come out in summer clothing; no jackets; playing basketball in their driveways or running down the street in their gym clothes.

And as I take my third walk on this 50 degree weather day as the frosty ways are supposed to be here, I say, “Yes, this one is for me, I will take a ride on my bicycle on the last day of January.”