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“I thought it was going to be so very much fun when I retired. I was waiting for my husband to join me and then he decided to go his own way, leaving me alone to figure it out.”

Going fishing?

Going fishing?


After it is over, the long time spent at your career in life, there you are trying to figure things out just like you were a teenager trying to decide on a relationship, job or career, you just do not know what to do.




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This present moment

Bring  presence into your life by being still for a moment and breathing  light into your soul. Sit in meditation with your legs folded in easy pose (cross-legged)  and your hands, palms up above your knees catching energy from the Universe. Close your eyes for a moment and concentrate only on slowing yourself down right now in the moment. Stay here for what may seem like a long time but it is not. Do this practice every day upon waking and your calmness, mellow thoughts and balance will be yours for this present moment in time.