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Loss for words

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Peek through and see some awesome greens

Peek through and see some awesome greens

Sometimes you see things in life and they are so very awesome that you are at a loss.

You do not know what to say or do because it is so overwhelming and you may stare for a moment at that beautiful sunset or you may linger longer with that special person and then you go back to the ordinary.


Are there any ordinary days, hours, minutes to just ride through, or is everything in life a special moment?


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Are you looking for that perfect time?

I look for perfection and the higher I climb the more perfect things I see

I look for perfection and the higher I climb the more perfect things I see

Perfect love…
Whatever you are searching for in perfection, it is probably right in front of you.
That person who would be perfect for you may be closer than you have ever imagined.
That perfect time is any time, this moment is perfection.

Right now when I feel soft, balanced and strong, it is a perfect moment.

Finding your way

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You go through life thinking you have it all together and then realize that there are so very many things you have not done in life that needs completion.

Colorful waves of energy

Colorful waves of energy

Your healing ways  may become an unfinished painting; waiting for your return so that you can capture  its wonder. The scene is beautiful, grassy greens and yellows surround you as you create a special gift for someone.


The gift of a painting takes time to imagine what would be just right  for another person to adore.

Like a postcard

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Wish you could capture life like a postcard and keep it there in your mind’s eye?



There where all the beauty is and there is no darkness or sorrow.

Yesterday I took a picture that reminded me of a postcard because it seemed so very perfect to me, and I seemed to have captured the moment, frozen in time.

And that is how life seems to be; the good moments are kept in your mind’s eye so that you can retrieve them any time that you need to, and the bad moments stay tucked away, and are harder to find.

Relationship Lesson number one and two!

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Number 1: Stop blaming yourself for past mistakes

Number 2: Nothing is a mistake; everything is a lesson


There have been so very many changes in my life that I have a hard time remembering them all.

As time passing me by, I begin to think of some of the changes as lessons not mistakes.

You learn from each mistake (lesson) that you make, and hope you will live a full life full of happiness and love.


Yellow, the color of sunshine

Yellow, the color of sunshine