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Surrender and you will be free of pain and worry

When you let go and surrender yourself to whatever is going to happen in life, you become free of worry and pain. You are no longer sad or unhappy; you are in the groove of living. That place when the rubber meets the road; anchored in stability and inner strength; able to sort things out as you look through the screen of life allowing  things to pass that need to.

As you gaze through time past, you see that there is a reason to just be patient; waiting for things to pass; both the good and bad

There is a reason to be patient


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Fixing things that are broken is difficult for some of us, and we all know someone who is good at fixing just about anything except broken hearts. Those people who seem to be there for you but it just isn’t enough because you have to learn how to fix yourself. Whether it is through relaxation methods, meditation or just taking a walk on a beach to clear your mind, you have to do it yourself.

When I want to feel like I am fixing myself, I think of relaxing by the ocean

When I want to feel like I am fixing myself, I think of relaxing by the ocean

Riding through the wind

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Through the windy days

Physically riding on a bike through the wind is difficult and as I take my daily bike rides I find that pushing through it can be a chore but when it ends I feel good enough for another round.

As the windy days of fall approach with the rain and chilly weather, many people begin to feel a pull downward in their mood. Large doses of Vitamin D have been the course of treatment for some who have very low Vitamin D levels but for the rest of us, getting outdoors even when you do not want to maybe the best form of prevention work in the colder months ahead because even on dreary days there is some sunshiny behind the clouds!

Medicinal Methods of Healing

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There are many forms of healing that you can put in your tool box of modalities to try before you move toward traditional medicine.

Smell some lavender. The smell alone can calm me down. I just pick a little and then sit down and breathe!

For example, pressing on you temples and holding it there with both index fingers can bring relief to a headache that may be brewing in your life.

Hi Mom

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You keep tapping on my shoulder, singing in the trees and clanging the bells of your wellness now.

Mom's favorite flower. She had a large bed of tulips- too many to count when I was a child

Mom’s favorite flower, the tulip. She had a large bed of tulips- too many to count when I was a child

You keep telling me how wonderful life is now that you are spirit.

The beauty of nature does not even touch the beauty of being a sprit, reaching the stars and heaven. There is no more worry, sadness or anger; there is peace, beauty and love.

In the Spring